What Is Boxfit And How Can It Benefit Your Lifestyle?

Boxfit is a cardio workout that targets toning and fitness, and is based on the training used in boxing. This workout involves skipping, boxing drills, and bodyweight exercises incorporating footwork and abdominal movements.


Whether it’s just you on the mat or you against the punching bag, you’ll experience the exhilarating feeling of your muscles flexing and your heart rate spiking with every twist and turn, every duck and throw. Before you know it your body is moving, the minutes fly by and by the end of the session  you’ll realize that you’re achieving the daunting fitness goals you had set for yourself.


There are many reasons why you should start a boxfit fitness program, especially if you are a woman. Besides the glorious headspace you’ll enter into owing to the release of endorphins, you will soon begin to see improvements towards your journey for weight loss, improve your cardiovascular health, as well as improve your hand-eye coordination.


Read on to learn more about boxfit workouts and how they can benefit your lifestyle.


What Is Boxfit Exercise?


Boxfit is a non-contact fitness workout based on the training concepts that are typically used by boxers. Therefore it includes a range of boxing movements, which are usually in a circuit, in addition to various other workouts.


With a combination of boxing moves along with aerobic exercises, Boxfit allows you to get in a great workout in a safe and non-competitive environment. Boxfit is known to be a great cardio workout. The exercises can help you lose weight, reduce hypertension, heart disease, stroke, as well as diabetes risk factors. Boxfit makes the routines and techniques used by boxers to improve physical conditions accessible to those outside the sport, and improves your skills and stamina which will contribute towards developing your speed, fitness, agility, and power.


What Are The Benefits Of Boxfit?


  • Improves heart health — Boxfit exercises involve high intensity interval training (HIIT) and can force your body to sustain intense bouts of activity repeatedly. Interval training with high intensity has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease.


  • Aids weight loss — A high intensity boxing training program has been shown to reduce body fat and improve overall body composition better than brisk walking. A live training program or exercise program may help increase activity levels among people less inclined to participate.


  • Boosts full-body strength — Many people mistakenly believe that punching power comes only from the shoulders. An effective punch involves the lower limbs pushing against the ground and the rest of the body working together to deliver power. Done correctly and repeatedly over a period of time, you are bound to realize that your overall body strength has significantly improved in comparison to what it used to be.


  • Improve balance — The sport of boxing involves a lot of movement. Developing reactive movements to changing conditions, coordination of footwork, and muscular strength are all required, and all of these contribute to improving balance attributes. As boxfit essentially incorporates the same movements as boxing, the benefit of an improved balance naturally applies to this as well.


  • Decreases stress — The act of punching a bag has a cathartic effect on your stress level. In most boxfit programs, training intensity varies throughout the workout rather than following a HIIT protocol. However, the simple act of punching a bag as well as engaging in various boxfit movements are sure to work as a subtle type of therapy where you are able to forget your worries and engage in the session or even release the stress you carry with every punch you pull.


Boxfit training simulates the sport of boxing through footwork, punching, and evasion movements. The intensity of each training session is increased by combining it with other conditioning exercises, such as jumping rope and calisthenics. Boxfit training is the perfect workout to help you improve your overall physical as well as mental health while engaging in an exercise that will lift your spirits and leave you feeling much lighter in terms of de-stressing.


Getting some exercise and releasing stress through boxfit is a great, safe and healthy way to loosen up and feel better both physically and mentally. You can get started with boxfit training for women today at the best Ladies Gym in Dubai, the Warehouse Gym.

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