What exactly is a CryoPen Therapy session?

If you are bothered by any form of skin imperfection, then our CryoPen Therapy may assist you in removing them permanently while causing you the least amount of inconvenience and anxiety possible. This cutting-edge technique will ultimately give you skin that is clean, fresh, and flawless by freezing away any blemishes that may be present. The processes are non-invasive, extremely effective, and completed in a very short amount of time. Cryosonic can help.

CryoPen Therapy is an effective treatment for any of the following sorts of skin imperfections, including but not limited to:

  • Skin tags
  • Solar lentigo
  • Age spots
  • Milia
  • Warts
  • Angioma of the cherry
  • Viral verrucae

Whether you feel that your skin flaws are impacting your self-confidence, then you should talk to our doctor about the CryoPen Therapy and find out if it is a solution that is appropriate for you.

How does it work? 

Cryotherapy, also known as CryoPen treatment, is a form of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a medical process in which defects on the skin are actually frozen and destroyed. Our physician uses a specialised tool called a CryoPen to deliver a thin jet of nitrous oxide to the skin defect. This causes the underlying tissue to crystallise, break, and ultimately perish as a result of the treatment. Your skin’s abnormality will be gone for good after its reproductive DNA has been removed, which is what happens when problem cells have their DNA removed. In most cases, the procedure will take around a few weeks to complete.

The precision with which our CryoPen treatments apply the nitrous oxide ensures that no healthy skin in the surrounding area is damaged, which is one of the most significant advantages offered by this device.

How long does each operation typically take?

Even though the length of the operation might vary based on the size and depth of the region that is being treated, the actual application only takes between one and thirty seconds. Within a few minutes, you should be completed and prepared to go on to the next step.

How long will it take for the therapy to start working?

Cryotherapy causes the cells to be targeted to shrivel up and die during the course of treatment. The time it takes for you to see the full results of the procedure is normally a matter of a few weeks, although this time frame might change depending on the size and nature of the lesion that you want removed. For instance, the underside of skin tags darkens and eventually falls out after a period of four weeks on average. You may find further details in the Aftercare section that is located lower down on this page.

When does the outage begin and end?

It is possible that you may go through the recovery phase and endure some mild side effects while the skin is healing, as was explained above. These typically consist of sensitivity in the treated region as well as the possibility of slight blistering, the latter of which may persist anywhere from a few hours to several days. On the other hand, the cryotherapy gadget that we have offers the finest protection against blistering. After a procedure, you must take extra care to avoid touching or picking at the treated region in any manner.

Please be aware that at the time when the skin is healing, the affected region may also seem darker in colour. This is normal, and in a short amount of time, the skin will revert to its original tones.

You may get further details by clicking the Aftercare option that is located lower down on this page.

Does it hurt?

Any pain that may be experienced during CryoPen Therapy is generally mild and short-lived. During your treatment, you will most likely feel something similar to the stinging feeling caused by nettles. This is brought on by the nitrous oxide hitting its target, and it only lasts for a few seconds at a time. However, some stinging sensations may linger for a minute or two after the treatment has been completed, and this is totally normal.

How many sessions of therapy are required?

You should ideally discover that a single treatment with the CryoPen is sufficient. Nevertheless, a follow-up operation can be necessary in some circumstances; your doctor will keep track of this information and provide guidance about it during your complimentary evaluations. For instance, if a wart or verruca has not vanished after the first four weeks of therapy, the affected region may need further courses of medication.

Who might benefit from receiving this treatment?

Our cryotherapy treatments with the CryoPen are not only rapid and effective, but they also pose a minimal amount of danger. However, it is possible that those who suffer from other disorders, such as collagen and autoimmune disease as well as rheumatoid arthritis, should not use it. In addition, it should not be used by women who are pregnant or on portions of the body that have already been filled in with dermal fillers. Our medical professional will go through any potential risks and side effects with you.

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