Rhinoplasty Surgery Singapore: 5 Lies about Rhinoplasty + What to do about them

There are several ways you can benefit from rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore if you are a good candidate for this operation. For instance, it can improve your breathing and even self-esteem depending on how you want your nose to look or the beauty standards in your region.

If you are still researching about this treatment and you are yet to decide whether to go for it or not, you will be barraged with both accurate and inaccurate information. This means that your best way out if you want the information you can rely on is to check reputable websites managed by board-certified rhinoplasty surgeons like or check medical journals.

Does Rhinoplasty Change your Face?

There are many people who get reconstructive procedures like rhinoplasty surgeries. The results from these treatments fit so harmoniously with most people that you may not even notice that they had such treatments unless they reveal this to you.

However, there is still massive misinformation on rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore that knowing for sure how much this treatment can change your face isn’t easy. Now, if you are considering rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, one of the possible motivations for this treatment is the placement of your nose on the face, its shape or the size.

Like most people, it may be disproportionately impacting the harmony of your face. This is something you have very little control over. The structure and shape your nose would adopt is influenced by your family and genetic traits.

 The other possible factors that may contribute to this include injury and trauma. They may cause deformities to your nose and even obstruct it, causing changes which would lead to breathing complications.

The effects like large nasal tips and nasal bumps can primarily affect your facial harmony and facial aesthetics. To correct these, having rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore is something you may want to consider.

During rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon will change the bones and cartilage the inside of your nose. This may significantly change your facial appearance by helping you create an ideal balance of the features on your face.

Therefore, if you wonder whether rhinoplasty can change your face, the answer is that it can indeed change it to make you look prettier depending on your beauty ideals. Before being approved for this treatment, the plastic surgeon will let you know the possibility of achieving the looks you hope for from this treatment. Here are five rhinoplasty myths you may want to be aware of when considering this operation.

●      Myth 1: It is Easy to Spot someone who has had Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is knowledgeable that there are some rhinoplasty procedures that are drastic. However, the biggest percentage of rhinoplasty procedures only involves making slight changes to your internal nasal passages or subtly modifying your nose’s appearance.

This means that these changes will proportionately match your facial features, so it isn’t easy to spot someone who has had rhinoplasty surgery. If you want significant changes to your appearance, though, your rhinoplasty surgeon may still help you achieve this, but only if that level of facial modification is realistic.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about someone noticing that you have had this treatment if you want just a slight change in your nose’s appearance or shape. Perhaps, you may ask your rhinoplasty surgeon to show you manipulated images of how your nose may look after this treatment so you can make an informed decision.

●      Myth 2: Rhinoplasty Will Change your Sense of Smell

Now, if you have had rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore, one of the few side effects you may experience is a bit of swelling or bruising. Your nose would also feel stuffed, and you may experience a temporary change in your sense of smell.

Since these side effects are temporary, you should expect them to fully resolve within just 3-6 weeks after your recovery when the swelling of your nasal tissues has also subsided. The senses of taste and smell should get back to normal when your nose ultimately heals.

●      Myth 3: Only women should have Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is also knowledgeable that a big fraction of the people who have cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore are women. However, this doesn’t imply that men are not self-conscious about their appearances.

Besides, men can also hope for restorative procedures like nose jobs for medical reasons like improving their breathing. Therefore, if you are a man and you aren’t pleased by your nose’s appearance or shape; don’t feel intimidated by this rhinoplasty lie.

The same will also apply if you are struggling with nasal structural issues that impact your breathing. It would help if you see a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore to help you correct such effects. Depending on structural issues, you may only need to have your nasal passages widened or a deviated septum corrected to make breathing through your nose easier.

●      Myth 4: Rhinoplasty is covered by Insurance

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic treatment; therefore, it is not covered by insurance. However, there are instances when your insurance provider may reimburse you the money you spent on rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore or provide some cover for the treatment.

You’d be most likely to benefit from this if you had a functional component, such as a deviated septum that impacted your breathing, thus making this procedure medically necessary. The insurance cover you may need if you are having rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic purposes is a plan for covering any complications from this treatment.

●      Myth 5: Any Plastic Surgeon can do a Nose Job

Now, you do not want any general practitioner to work on your nose. Rhinoplasty is a complex treatment implying that not any plastic surgeon can be able to bring out the looks you hope for from this treatment.

Therefore, if you consider rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore, ensure that your doctor performs multiple rhinoplasty procedures every year. They should also be board-certified in plastic and reconstructive operations.

Ideally, they should have specific interests in performing nose jobs and related surgical procedures. Some of the plastic surgeons you may want to work with here include ENT plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons.

In Closing

If you are not sure about anything regarding rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore, consult with a board-certified surgeon who offers these treatments. Send us an email to book an appointment.

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