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Constant running around and standing can really be a pain. Especially if you wear heels or uncomfortable shoes after a point feet start to hurt. Getting a pedicure is more than just cleaning up the feet. It is about relaxation. Just like manicures, pedicures are a great way to pamper yourself. If you are planning to get a manicure, you must get a pedicure as well or vice versa. A great pedicure can transform the way your feet look and feel. The daily wear and tear of life can get to them. Head out to for the best pedicure session of your life. However, there are multiple types of pedicures you can choose from. Following are some of the popular ones you can choose from.

Classic Pedicure

Are you in a rush and looking for a quick clean up of your feet? If yes, a classic pedicure is the ideal choice. A quick clean up, massage and a fresh coat of nail polish are done during the service. The pedicure begins by soaking the feet in warm water, which can be really relaxing. After that, the feet are cleaned up and all the dead skin cells are removed. Towards the end of the pedicure, the nails are shaped before nail polish is applied. During the pedicure, your feet are massaged. The massage is carried out to improve blood flow, which will help you to relax. Classic pedicures are great for those who don’t mind changing the nail polish every now and then.

Shellac Pedicure

Why shouldn’t your toenails also follow the latest trends in nails? The best way to do that is by getting a shellac pedicure. In this pedicure, the technician will apply a few coats of specialized nail polish. It will help you to achieve glossy colourful nails. Shellac pedicure nails don’t cheap, fade or smudge easily. They will last for about a month. However, it is suggested that you come to the salon after 14 days for redoing them. When getting the shellac pedicure, you can get the latest designs and colours.

Children’s Pedicure

If there is a child in your life, it is time that you spent some quality time together by pampering your feet. The children are always running, dancing and jumping. These feet need all the care required. There should be some luxury treat once in a while that will help them to relax. The professional child pedicure service offered is done by nail technicians who are friendly and have the experience needed to work with children. During the pedicure, the little feet are soaked in warm water. The water is a fragranced footbath which kids find exciting. After the soak, the cuticles are removed and nails are filed. The child can choose from a wide range of colours. If the child has any design they want to get, the technician will happily make it for them.

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