Meth Sores – What Are They and How to Recognize Them 

Also known by the name methamphetamine, meth is one of the many drugs that people use to experience a euphoric effect. It increases the concentration level, boosts energy, and offers many other such neurological effects. Hence, people, who prefer using some substances choose this drug over all the other available options.

Excess usage of meth will not only cause mind-numbing effects on users, but will also make them fall into the clutches of meth addiction. The best way to help such victims of meth addiction is from the Detox to Rehab community. They are a support group that focuses on helping people with drug abuse issues to get their life back in control. You can check their web page to get more information on how they work.

Meth Sores

Meth sores are the side effects of meth addiction. These are open wounds and are found in the chest, hands, mouth area, arms, and any other such body parts. These sores are commonly noticed in people, who have the habit of taking meth regularly in their daily schedule.

These sores appear on the body of meth users because of many reasons such as,

  • Smoking a meth pipe results in meth sores around the mouth
  • Sweating sends the toxins outside the body. These toxins are the byproducts of meth intake.
  • Damaged blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation in the body. This results in skin damage and sore formation.

Meth sores resemble the appearance of regular acne, as these are the inflamed flesh on the body with redness and pus formations. Constant itching and inflammation of these sores can make the meth users scratch them and this results in making them appear like big wounds.

Some meth users fall into the hallucinogenic state and conclude that the meth mites are crawling under their skin and these mites are the actual cause of the sores. Such people are strictly in need of help.

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