Mark Roemer Oakland Reveals the Healthiest Drinks for Kids


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it can sometimes be difficult to get ideas about the healthiest drinks for your kids, but it is essential for their growth and overall health. Most kids love sugary beverages, and it is challenging to find healthy and preferred drinks for your kids. Mentioned below is a list of the healthiest drinks for your kids:

The Drinks

  1. Water- Whenever your child is thirsty, water is the first drink you must offer. Water is genuinely regarded as the most essential drink for your kids’ proper growth. Water performs various vital functions in the human body like temperature regulations, organ functions, etc. According to experts, kids have higher metabolic rates and require more water compared to adults. So, you need to ensure that your kid is drinking the required amount of water every day.
  1. Naturally flavored water- If your kids don’t prefer drinking plain water, you can make it enjoyable by adding some natural flavors. You can add pineapple, cucumber, orange, lemon, and other such fresh fruits to make the essential fluid desirable to your kids.
  1. Coconut water- Naturally, your kids have cravings for sweet drinks, and during such times, you can offer them coconut water. However, it contains sugar and calories but is a much healthier drink than other artificially sweetened drinks. Plus, this drink is beneficial in boosting up the nutrition level of your kids with some essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, etc.
  1. Smoothies- Smoothies are the best way of adding fruits and vegetables to your kid’s diet. You can prepare some smoothies at your home with vegetables and fruits and blend them all into a delicious drink for your kids. Some of the best smoothie combinations include kale and pineapple, peach and cauliflower, and strawberries and beets.
  1. Milk- Milk consists of some essential nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, protein, etc., that play a vital role in your kid’s growth. Please offer unsweetened milk to your kids instead of giving them chocolate or strawberry milk. However, if your kid is intolerant to dairy products, you may offer them plant-based milk as an alternative. It can be made of coconut, almond, soy, cashew, or rice and this drink prove to be one of the best-unsweetened beverages.
  1. Herbal teas- Yes, tea is not considered kid-friendly, but certain herbal teas are caffeine-free and offer many nutritional benefits. Some of the examples of herbal tea include lemongrass, rooibos, mint, etc. These drinks also provide relief to the anxieties of your kids and help them to remain calm.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that it is perfectly normal for your kids to enjoy a sweetened drink once in a while, but they must not consume them daily. It will be best to refrain your kids from soda, soft drinks, and other sweetened beverages, as these drinks can cause health conditions like obesity, dental cavities, etc. However, it is advised to stick to the drinks mentioned above to see your kids in good health.

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