How Does Sylfirm X Work Effectively for Skin Tightening?

Sylfirm X is an FDA-approved treatment that’s known for its amazing ability to tighten the skin. Sylfirm X skin tightening combines microneedling and RF (radio frequency) to treat various skin problems including scars, rosacea, pigmentation, and other vascular lesions.

Sylfirm X skin tightening is also hailed for its ability to diffuse redness and rejuvenated the skin. This treatment has 8 different options or modes that enable it to be personalized to treat different skin conditions. Compared to other microneedling RF systems nowadays, it has the most wide depth range.

Its 0.3mm depth range allows it to target the upper layer of the dermis or the papillary dermis. This also gives the users the option to pick between continuous and pulsed mode, giving doctors more control. Sylfirm X is also considered especially beneficial for some of those skin conditions that are difficult to treat.

Sylfirm X for Skin Tightening

Sylfirm X is popular for its ability to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Radiofrequency is delivered into the dermal layer and can effectively tighten and remodel lax skin.

A tighter and firmer skin is immediately visible after a single session. Amazingly, Sylfirm X is also used on other parts of the body. Some of the body parts Sylfirm X can be used on include the double chin, decolletage, scalp, and the neck. It also helps promote regrowth of hair.

Good Candidates for the Treatment

Sylfirm X is suitable for all genders and a vast range of age groups, thanks to its ability to be customized to suit different conditions.

What You Can Expect from Sylfirm X

Most people report seeing dramatic results after a single session. However, this would depend on the skin condition. Ideally, four treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. Results per individual can also vary depending on the person’s current skin condition.

The Treatment at a Glance

Procedure Type

Procedure type includes rosacea and redness treatment, scars and pigmentation treatment, skin rejuvenation, and melasma treatment using microneedling and radiofrequency. It also uses dual wave technology.

Treated Areas

  • This includes atrophic scars, acne scars, stretch marks, and hypertrophic scars
  • This includes rosacea and melasma
  • Body rejuvenation. This includes decolletage, double chin, and turkey neck
  • Skin rejuvenation. This includes wrinkles, skin laxity, fine lines, enlarged pores, and rhytides


While results can vary, they can include:

  • Smoother appearance of scars
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Tightens skin pores

Procedure Time

The procedure can last for 30 minutes


Swelling and redness can occur. However, they can only last for a day or two and would go away on its own.

Post-Treatment Care

It is expected that some people will experience minor swelling and redness after the treatment. However, in most cases, redness and swelling will subside in a day or two. However, each treatment often lasts 30 minutes. To ensure minimal discomfort, a numbing cream may be used.

When used to treat melasma, the area that is pigmented will darken initially. However, the dark color will fade away in a week or two. When used to treat scars and acne, swelling and redness can last between a day to five days. The same can be expected when used to tighten the body and the face.

Others also report experiencing mild erythema (also known as swelling) before the skin becomes dewier and smoother. To see results for the pores, a week or two is needed. To minimize the risk of infection and hyperpigmentation, topical creams may be used. Moisturization and adequate sun protection are also crucial to fast recovery.

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