Erasing Stigmas With Aptihealth: How New York State Residents Can Enjoy Affordable Mental Health Solutions

When was the last time that you considered seeking support for your mental health challenges? According to a report published in the year 2020, nearly one-fifth of all adults in the United States were impacted by reported behavioral health issues and concerns. Whether we are discussing anxiety or depression, mental health has taken on a renewed focal point in our daily lives.

Companies like Aptihealth are working to weave a web between patient and provider, delivering accessible services that are as affordable as they are functionally adequate. With a focus on renewing mental health for patients throughout New York State, Aptihealth has already delivered on many of its promises.

Let’s explore Aptihealth’s mission statement and some background information that showcases how they’ve become so successful.

Aptihealth Care Plan of Action

Aptihealth connects patients with licensed therapists to use a personalized care plan, all from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. With a focus on virtual-first solutions, Aptihealth also offers a backup in-person location for patients should they require it.

At the time of this writing, roughly 50 million adults in the United States are reportedly coping with mental health issues and the challenges that come with them. Aptihealth partners with physician groups, community organizations, health plans, and health systems within a larger healthcare ecosystem.

The Aptihealth system works simply:

  • Intake – First, patients connect with Aptihealth professionals through a seamless sign-up process. After signing up and working with an Aptihealth associate, patients will attend a video-based intake session with a behavioral specialist.
  • Finding The Right Provider – Interactive sessions take place over video with a licensed therapist in a secured messaging system. The care team at Aptihealth will work to match patients with the therapists that are right for them.
  • Tailored Personal Care Plan – Working with licensed therapists and prescribers, Aptihealth’s specialists give patients the information they need to form a tailored personal care plan.

Mental Health Services Yield Positive Results

Mental health services have become increasingly popular over the past decade as the stigma surrounding them has been reduced. Mental health services through Aptihealth can go a long way toward addressing several different topics for patients.

First and foremost, patients with challenges to their mental health can find healing from stress and trauma under the guidance of a licensed therapist. Patients can also find a licensed prescriber to help them with the medication-assisted treatment they need to live better personally and professionally.

To learn more about telehealth, residents in New York State ages five and up can reach out to an Aptihealth professional to learn more.

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