Botox Singapore: Know where to get Botox near You

Botox works by relaxing specific muscles on your face to get rid of wrinkling or scowling. It can also help you slow down aging signs, especially when you get the treatment in your 20s or 30s.

When consulting for Botox in Singapore, a knowledgeable provider will want you to acknowledge that Botox isn’t permanent, so you will need maintenance treatment to preserve the results. Find out more about the extra Botox basics your provider will want you to know on this page:

Where can I get Botox near Me in Singapore?

If you’re based in Singapore, Veritas Medical Aesthetics is a good place to get Botox near you. It is an accredited facility, has a good reputation, and works with only board-certified plastic surgeons.

When searching for the best dermatologist or plastic surgeon for Botox in Singapore, your primary focus should be to work with a skilled provider. Importantly, the provider should also have a good reputation for cosmetic procedures.

To ensure that you are working with a skilled skin doctor or cosmetic doctor for Botox in Singapore, it would be best to confirm that the provider is board-certified. They should also be performing such treatments several times each year.

Other than these qualities, ensure that the provider is someone you can trust. The facility should also be accredited and, of course, welcoming.

What’s a Good Price for Botox?

Botox in Singapore is priced by the areas it’s used to treat. Depending on the facility you’re getting the treatment, this price may range between $100 and $1800 for each area. Therefore $100 to $1800 is a good price for Botox, depending on the areas you wish to treat.

During your consultation, the doctor will walk you through the areas you can treat with Botox. Here’s a list of the areas that Botox can be injected:

  • The Forehead Lines: Also known as the horizontal lines, Botox on your forehead lines will be injected along the frontalis muscle to inhibit the wrinkles that may form on your face. These injections are administered every 1½cm to 2cm but well placed high enough from your eyebrows to avoid drooping eyelid complications after Botox.
  • Glabella Lines/Frown lines: If your motivation for Botox in Singapore is to clear the frown lines, you will get the Botox shots on your Corrugator Supercilii and Procerus muscles. A knowledgeable dermatologist or plastic surgeon will be keen not to administer the Botox shots past your pupil or above it or past the middle of your eyebrows. This would minimize your risks of getting ptosis.
  • Crow’s Feet Lines: These are the lines beside your eyes. They’re also known as the Lateral Orbital Lines. If you wish to get rid of Crow’s feet lines on your face, you will get the injections on muscles known as the Orbicularis Oculi and Procerus. Again, care must be taken not to inject Botox too close to your eyelids as this may also increase your risks of getting ptosis.
  • Bunny Lines: These are the nose wrinkles. They’re also known as Transverse nasal. Your provider will carefully inject Botox into these lines to help you minimize their appearances if they impact your self-esteem.
  • Mentalis Dysfunction: This condition is also known as chin dimpling or dents. Botox shots would be administered strategically on your chin to cause a relaxing effect on the Mentalis muscle and correct the contour irregularities.
  • Marionette Lines: You may also benefit from Botox in Singapore if you are not impressed by the Marionette lines on your face. The Botox treatment here will help relax the muscles responsible for pulling down the corners of your mouth to improve the appearance of the Marionette lines.
  • Gummy Smile: Botox can also fix a gummy smile. If you or your loved one is concerned about a gummy smile, your provider will inject Botox into the area between your upper lip and the nose. This will help minimize the appearance of the gummy smile to give you a more natural and appealing smile.
  • Downturned Lips or Sad Looking Lips: Botox can also help downturned mouth. Therefore, it would be best to see a qualified plastic surgeon if you wish to correct this defect. For treatment, Botox will be injected strategically around your mouth to block the continued release of acetylcholine and stop the contraction of muscles around your mouth.

There are clinics that price Botox treatments as ‘lower face’ or ‘upper face’ packages. Such packages group the areas you may need Botox treatments for together. These packages will mostly offer good value for your money if you need treatments for different areas on your face.

What is Behind the Difference in Botox Prices?

If you’re considering Botox in Singapore for the first time, the difference in prices may cause a bit of confusion. Discussed below are three factors that mostly influence the difference in Botox prices.

      I.          Your Doctor’s Skill and Experience

Just like with other aesthetic treatments, the technique or skill holds considerable weight in Botox shots. Ideally, your doctor needs a good understanding of facial anatomy to be able to provide natural-looking results and ensure safety.

Experienced providers rely on the skills they’ve honed during their years of service to provide optimal results. That best explains why a seasoned provider’s costs will be much higher than a less experienced doctor.

    II.          The Botox Brands

Do note that there are various Botox brands. In Singapore, though, only three brands are approved by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

These brands include Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin. Even though these brands vary in prices, they offer the same regarding the results and how long the effects would last. The difference is mostly in how fast the products appear and the strength.

  III.          The Units you will need for your Treatment

The number of units you will need for Botox in Singapore may not be the same as the number of units your friend who’s considering Botox will need. That explains why you may need to pay more or less for the same area your friend is treated.

Besides, if you need treatment for an area that requires more units, Botox would be more costly. As a general rule, your provider will need to properly assess your skin and then custom-tailor the treatment according to your needs.

Find a Skilled Surgeon for Botox in Singapore

Do you fancy Botox but you’re unsure where to get the treatments? Our board-certified plastic surgeons can help. Contact us now to book your consultation.

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